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por Dra. Ángeles Herráiz
Publicado: 12/01/2005  

Dra. Ángeles Herráiz es Licenciada en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid en su especialidad de medicina estética.

Ambulatory liposuction-liposculpture can be defined as a medical surgical procedure that allows for the extraction of adipose tissue from a limited area using small cannulas assisted by void provided by a liposuctor or a syringe.

In this way, localized fat volume is reduced and body is reshaped recovernig its harmony and balance.

Localized lypodystrophies are rarely accompanied by genealized overweight. The patient can do exercise until exhaustion or follow extremely rigid diets and her local adiposity would still remain in place.

External localized treatments directed to these adiposities will not be very successful either.

The patients who have more possibilities of success with this treatment are those who have well localized adiposity, an average ponderated weight among the standard an naturally preserved skin elasticity.

The most treated areas are the trochantereal area (hips), internal side of thighs, lateral internal area of knees, abdomen, flanks or waist, back, ankles, the posterointernal part of arms and double chin.


  • Before surgery, a marking of the area to be treated should be done, always in orthostatic –standing up— position, in order to determine where the fat deposits lie.
  • This technique is carried out with local anaesthesia, that is, only the area to be treated receives the anaesthesia, although the patient may be also sedated to keep her relaxed.
  • We proceed to disinfection of the marked areas and to micro-incisions of approximately 0,5 cm through which we will introduce anaesthesia in those areas.
  • Bleeding due to the infiltration of the anaesthesic solution in these areas is minimal because we use a blood vessel constrictive substance.
  • Once the anaesthesia has made the desired effect in the areas to be treated, we start lipoextraction using cannulas of different sizes. The treatment consists not only in extracting fat, but also in leaving a harmonic area without undulations or dents.
  • Once the surgery is finished, the patient should wear a girdle for about a month.
  • It is convenient to do some fluid drainage after the surgery to diminish possible bruising and swelling.

We want to thank you for your interest in these issues so much demanded nowadays. We should certainly know their risks and their results. Notice that all of them are surgical treatments that entail minimal risk if carried out by professionally trained surgeons.

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